Demon Killer Flame Coil Pre-made Heating Wire - 6pcs/pack

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Demon Killer Flame Coil 316L Pre-made Heating Wire is for RDA/RTA Atomizers, built in 316 stainless steel and comes with 6 kinds Type A/B/C/D/E/F. Availalbe 6pcs coils in one glass bottle.

Flame Coil A: 28GA*2+38GA 0.5ohm 316L
Flame Coil B: 28GA*3+38GA 0.35ohm 316L
Flame Coil C: (28GA*2)+38GA 0.5ohm 316L
Flame Coil D: 26GA*3+38GA 0.25ohm 316L
Flame Coil E: 26GA*2+38GA 0.25ohm 316L
Flame Coil F: (26GA*2)+38GA 0.3ohm 316L

Package Includes:
6x Demon Killer Flame Coil

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