Artery Lady Q Kit

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Color: Black
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Artery Lady Q Kit is an expressive vaping device with a classy appearance. Adopts a impressive lipstick-style designis and is perfect to keep in a purse or handbag. The lady Q offers reliable and consistent performance along with portability and convenience. Availiable in three vibrant colors, lady Q Kit will be a modern vaporizer for the modern woman.

Compatible with: Lady Q Coils
size: 21mm(W) × 21mm(D) × 118mm(H)
battery: internal (1000mAh)
charge: microUSB (side)
liq capacity: 1.5ml
color: Gradient, Red, Black, Pink

Package Includes:
1 x Artery Lady Q Kit
2 x Artery Lady Replacement Coils
1 x Micro USB cable

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